The RUME project brings together researchers from various disciplines (economics, anthropology, development studies, and geography) working on various countries (India, Madagascar and Mexico).

Isabelle Guérin

Project Manager, Socioeconomist, India

PhD in Economics (2000, Lyon II University/ Economic Analysis and History of Institutions) Socioconomist specializing on interactions between household behaviour, vulnerability and social justice. Areas of specialization are 1) household survival and livelihood strategies, with a focus on indebtedness, over-indebtedness, debt bondage and on gender dimensions of vulnerability; 2) collective action and NGOs interventions, with a focus on microfinance, empowerment programme, and linkages with public policies. From a theoretical perspective, specific attention is paid to the social meaning of money, debt and finance, the social fabric of markets, organizations and institutions.

CV Isabelle Guérin

Muthiath Anjugam


She is associate professor, Leader of the research programme CCPC (cost of cultivation of principal crops in Tamil Nadu (India); Visiting Research fellow in the program “Labour, Finance and Social Dynamics†(French Institute of Pondicherry;

Specialist in econometrics, agricultural statistics, rural microfinance and rural labour markets

Emmanuelle Bouquet

Economist, Madagascar, Mexico

She holds a PhD in rural development economics from the University of Montpellier, France. She has lived and worked in Mexico for more than ten years, conducting academic and applied research on land and rural finance issues, in collaboration with academics, policymakers and civil society organizations. She joined CIRAD as a research fellow in 2005 and since then has been involved in several research and impact assessment projects on land and rural finance issues, in Mexico, Madagascar and South Africa. Her research interests include the economic and financial strategies of rural households (with a special focus on risk management), institutional economics applied to the rural households’ conditions of access to, and use of, land and financial services, and the linkages between quantitative and qualitative research methods.

CV Emmanuelle Bouquet

Cyril Fouillet


Cyril Fouillet is post-doctoral research fellow in Development Studies at the University of Oxford (Contemporary South Asian Studies Programme - School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies). Wiener-Anspach Fellow, Cyril’s research interests include the spatial dimensions of financial inclusion in South Asia, Latin America and North Africa. He has an interest in an economic geography of monetary and financial practices and tracks the ideas and ideologies in development policies. As a research fellow at the French Institute of Pondicherry (program “Labour, Finance and Social Dynamics†), he spent three years in India conducting his fieldwork on economical, spatial and political dimensions of microfinance. He is also a research associate at the Centre for European Research in Microfinance (CERMi), Université Libre de Bruxelles and research member of the Rural Microfinance and Employment project (French National Research Agency). He previously worked for the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (Rural Finance Group), and the Foundation for World Agriculture and Rural Life (FARM).

CV Cyril Fouillet

Santosh Kumar

Santosh Kumar is a researcher and a social worker. He has been involved for more than ten years in the world of NGOs in south India but also abroad. In south India, he has followed the evolution of the NGO sector, from their emergence till their professionalisation and their internationalisation. Concerned by the gap between research and action, he gradually shifted from social work to applied research, in partnership with the French Institute of Pondichery with whom he has been working for almost ten years while still being involved in the voluntary sector as social worker.

Solène Morvant-Roux

Economist, Mexico

PhD in economics (Lyon 2 University) is a Post-doctoral Research Fellow at the Institut de Recherches pour le Développement, France. Her research interests include microfinance in rural areas with a focus on financing agricultural activities, debt, social institutions and migration. From a methodological perspective, her research relies on a combination of qualitative and quantitative tools. As a PhD candidate she lived one year in Mexico as a research fellow of the Centre d’Etudes mexicaines et centroaméricaines (CEMCA) where she studied a microfinance institution implemented in remote rural areas. She also has short term field experience in different countries such as: Morocco, Togo, Guinea and Madagascar.

CV Solene Morvant-Roux

David Picherit

Anthropologist, India

David Picherit is in charge of “labour questions†of the project “Employment, Indebtedness and Migrations (India, Mexico and Madagascar)†. He is also head of the Project “Labour: Popular Worlds and Globalisation†at the French Institute of Puducherry. He holds a Ph.D in anthropology (“Between Villages and Working Places: Circulation of Labourers, Clientelism and Politicization of low-castes in Andhra Pradesh – India†) from the University of Paris X, Nanterre. He is also associated with the Centre of Indian and South Asians Studies – Paris. He conducted two and half years of ethnographical fieldwork, circulating and living along with manual labourers. His specific fields of interest are labour worlds, migration, development and politics. He served as a consultant to various NGOs. His recent publications include anthropological studies on labour and middlemen, on alcohol consumption and resistance, and on circulation and space in India.

S. Ponnarasu

Anthropologist, India

S. Ponnarasu holds a Masters in Anthropology from the University of Madras, India. He has been working in various research projects in the last decade, notably on the use of folk media in disseminating developmental information, conservation of mangroves and the question of masculinity among the youth of Chennai. His association with the Microfinance programme and later RUME in the French Institute of Pondicherry started in 2004. Here, he has been following the changes in the advance system in the brick kiln sector in Tamil Nadu, creating a database for representing this statistically. He has also carried out fieldwork in understanding the savings and credit practices of members of self-help groups and on the question of bondage among rice mill workers.

Eliane Ralison

Economist, Madagascar

She holds a master in economics from the University of Antananarivo, Madagascar. She holds a research position in the National center for agricultural research FOFIFA. She has conducted several major surveys in rural Madagascar, in collaboration with international organizations, and has been involved in a number of international publications. Her research interests include rural household economics and the impact of financial services.

CV Eliane Ralison

Gerardo Rodríguez Solís

Anthropologist, Mexico

Gerardo Rodríguez is currently writing his thesis for a Sociology major at Universidad de Guadalajara, México, for which he won a scholarship from CIESAS (Centro de Investigación y Estudios Superiores de Occidente). This research, focusing on savings associations, employment and financial practies in Ayuquila, México, is carried out in collaboration with RUME . He has worked in two other research projects: “Mujeres, finanzas sociales y violencia económica en zonas marginales de Guadalajara” (Women, social finance and economical violence in the suburban areas of Guadalajara) coordinated by Dr. Magdalena Villarreal under the auspices of the Instituto Municipal de la Mujer en Guadalajara, where he assisted in the statistical areas of the project; and “Diagnóstico de la situación de las y los jóvenes del municipio de Jocotepec” (Diagnosis of the situation of youth in the municipality of Jocotepec) coordinated by Javier Zamora under the auspices of the aforementioned municipality in the State of Jalisco, México.

Marc Roesch

Agro-economist, India

Agronomist and Phd in Agro-Economics from Montpellier University. After more than 20 years in Africa as research fellow, especially in Agronomic Research, he was in charge during 9 years of the Training Service of CIRAD (Centre International de Recherche Agronomique pour le Développement). Since 1999 he is back to Research and is particularly interested in socio-economic aspect of agriculture finance. His research fields are mostly oriented on all the aspect related to microfinance and rural economy at the house-hold level. He spend three years in India (2005-2008) and continue to work part time in India part time in Marocco. His main specialisation is on household economy and particularly on indebtedness.

CV Marc Roesch

Jean-Michel Servet


He is professor in Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies. He is associated researcher at the French Institute of Pondicherry (program “Labour, Finance and Social Dynamics†) and at the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IEDES Paris 1). His specific fields of interest and expertise are solidarity based economy and finance, finance inclusion and development, various informal finances, financial innovation, local exchanging system and complementary money and history of economic thought.

CV Jean-Michel Servet

Julien le Tellier


PhD in Geography (2006, Aix-Marseille I University): Territorial evolution in Northern Morocco. Postdoctoral Researh Fellow (2006-2008) in Rabat (Foreign Ministry). Main areas of interest: Governance and local development; Housing and equipment; Access to the public utilities; Social engineering and participation; Development human being; Developing countries. Author of several scientific articles, Julien Le Tellier is also co-author of a book about public-private partnerships in Morocco (2005). He coordinated a collective publication about governance and participation through housing policies in Maghreb and Western Africa (2008).

CV Julien le Tellier

Julien le Tellier


PhD in Geography (2006, Aix-Marseille I University): Territorial evolution in Northern Morocco. Postdoctoral Researh Fellow (2006-2008) in Rabat (Foreign Ministry). Main areas of interest: Governance and local development; Housing and equipment; Access to the public utilities; Social engineering and participation; Development human being; Developing countries. Author of several scientific articles, Julien Le Tellier is also co-author of a book about public-private partnerships in Morocco (2005). He coordinated a collective publication about governance and participation through housing policies in Maghreb and Western Africa (2008).

CV Julien le Tellier

M. Thanuja

Anthropologist, India

Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Nov 2006-Apr 2008) – currently on Royal Anthropological Institute Anthropology Fellowship for carrying out Postdoctoral Research in the Department of Anthropology, Durham University, U.K. Main areas of interest: analysis of development projects in an actor-oriented perspective, impact in terms of well-being and local governance, with a focus on tribal and microfinance in Andhra Pradesh (south-India)

CV M. Thanuja


Sociologist, India

Sociologist by formation, Venkatasubramanian is an associate researcher at the French Institute of Pondicherry for more than fifteen years, where he has developed skills in various disciplines far beyond sociology (especially economics and geography). He is above all a field researcher. He has been working on a large number of topics. Over the last few years, he has specialised himself on rural development, the role of NGOs and especially microfinance organisations, analysing their role in poverty eradication.

Magdalena Villarreal

Anthropologist, Mexico, India

Professor and research fellow, CIESAS Occidente Education: Ph.D in rural sociology, Wageningen University, Netherlands (1994), M. Of Arts in rural development, Wageningen University, Netherlands (1990), Bachelor degree in history, University of Mexico-UAM- (1973-1978). Main areas of interest: Rural development specialist. Social anthropology of money and debt, actor-oriented analysis of development, migration. Other responsibilities: Teaching : research seminar on migration issues, CIESAS D.F (PhD level); in University Santa Barbara California (USBC): Advanced research seminars and “Modern Mexican Culture: Myths and Dilemmas of Tradition and Change†, Advisor dissertations (M. Of Arts degree and PhD degree) from Mexican Universities and USBC.

Betty Wampfler

Agro-economist, Madagascar

She is a professor in development economics in SUPAGRO Montpellier, deputy Director of the Tropical Institut of SupAgro Montpellier. She is a senior researcher in the MOISA Research Unit and researcher associate with the French Agricultural Research Center for International Development (CIRAD) in Montpellier, France. Her research area includes households economics, supply, governance and policies of rural and agricultural finance and rural services. She is currently leading an EU founded impact study of CECAM, one of the major microfinance institution of Madagascar. She is also involved in a research program on Microfinance and Fair Trade, and a research program on Agriculture finance Policies in West Africa. She is founder member of the Comite d’Echange, de Reflexion et d’Information sur les Systèmes d’Epargne Crédit (CERISE), a french network on microfinance development and research stakeholders.

CV Betty Wampfler