B. Informal financial practices


A combination of quantitative and qualitative tools

A questionnaire jointly designed by economists and anthropologists has been implemented in India, Madagascar and Mexico; data has been collected early 2010 and the analysis is in progress

Qualitative field work is used before and after the quantitative survey:

  • In the early stage of the research process, qualitative fieldwork has allowed to strengthen and better focus the quantitative survey questionnaire, thus improving the relevance and the reliability of collected data.
  • During the analysis stage, going back to qualitative approaches help us interpret and clarify quantitative results that might appear counter-intuitive or ambiguous.

Qualitative field work includes ethnography, cases studies, participative observation, focus groups.

In Morroco, fieldwork is limited to qualitative analysis. The quantitative part is based on secondary data (Al Amana Management Information System, J-PAL data base)