The main objective of this research project is to explore the linkages between rural finance and rural employment - including diversification and migration - with a view to contributing to the ongoing discussions and interventions in the fields of rural development and poverty and vulnerability reduction. This research project focuses on the interdisciplinary and comparative study of rural finance and rural employment in India, Madagascar and Mexico.

RUME in few words

Since its founding early 2008, the RUME project has achieved:

  • over 15 fieldworks in India, Mexico, Madagascar and Morocco by economists and anthropologists;
  • a questionnaire and a quantitative survey designed jointly between economists and anthropologists, and implemented in India, Madagascar and Mexico;
  • over 20 articles in peer review journals, 4 collective and individual books, 10 chapters in collective books;
  • over 30 participations at seminars and international conferences;
  • organisation of 3 international conferences in Paris, Bruxelles, Pondicherry;
  • 5 thesis in economics, anthropology and sociology
  • partnerships with Universities and various institutions (microfinance institutions and donors)
  • a wide dissemination of preliminary results through 12 press articles and 7 radio interviews
  • and... 7 babies: Anaëlle, Erwan, Julie, Matteo, Marius, Simon, and Tamara.